Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ok, so ALL the friends seem to be getting preggers with little girls this year. So I'm having fun throwing together some onesies for the little ladies that are coming soon-- or should have already have been here by now.

(I'm looking your way, Tal-- how about a nice spicy burrito to speed that along, ladyfriend?)

So here's two of the creations I've been working on in my craft corner lately.

When my grandma was down at my house in Florida last December, she taught me to make fabric flowers. So I went to town and made a ton of them. I attached them to the onesie with buttons and then I curled the embroidered stems around to the back so it makes them look like they're growing out of the baby's rear end. Cute on baby-- funny for parents.

That little experience taught me that embroidering on knits can be a bear, but possible. I was able to avoid that on the second one by embroidering the pink skull (design courtesy of Sublime Stitching, of course!) on a piece of white cotton and simply sewing it onto the front with some matching pink floss.

So hopefully the next ones will be even better and more fun. It's a learning process but a very fun and soothing one!

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duff said...

i totally dig the skull and crossbones. it's not enough to make me want to get knocked up, but close.