Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sew Sublime

If there are crafty ladies out there that STILL haven't heard of Sublime Stitching-- then consider this your education. Jenny Hart was kind enough to teach a hands-on workshop on embroidery at Summit of Awesome last week and while I hate to admit it, I'd bought a kit of hers five years ago from Butterfly Tattoo that I never touched. Even worse-- I admitted it to her! Even with her careful instructions, I was a little intimidated. Embroidery always looks so hard, but after her quick tutorial I learned that it's actually so, so easy. And soothing. And a great flexible crafty medium you can do so much with! LOVE IT!

Check out Jenny's recap of the Summit of Awesome here and go embroider yourself a pink skull and crossbones next time *you* need a minute to relax.