Thursday, November 26, 2009

Memories on a necklace

Five years ago today, I lost my dad. It was only a few weeks ago I could bear to take the key to his house, my childhood home, off my keychain. But when I did, I decided it still needed a home somewhere. So I turned it into a necklace I can wear whenever I want to go home in my head.

The locks are probably changed by now, the people in it have probably painted over my pink bedroom walls and torn out the carpet with the bleach stain I accidentally left on it. But it'll always be the key to my house. The one I will always remember and wear around my neck.

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Kella said...

Jenna Leigh, this is a gorgeous post and gesture. Your papa, I do believe, knows you hold the key to the Isaacson home. I love you, kiddo bee. Happy Thanksgiving to my best friend. You are an inspiration, a beauty, and a sweet, sweet person. I'm thankful for you.